Everyday I am hustlin by katt Williams

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Enjoy your mother fucking life, its short!

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Not Safe For Work At All Men!

Well when I read something that has NSFW or Not Safe For Work labeled on it , it makes me want to read it that much more. After all I am an adult male who loves to read about all sorts of things adult related, that are not safe for work. You would”nt bring a Playboy into work, Would you? Anyways with all that said and done should you continue to read this, just know right now that it is not safe for work by any means what so ever, o.k?

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If chat is not your thing than try out this great little hole in the wall free sex tube called nsfw tube that has thousands of free xxx porn movies to enjoy anytime your not at work. After all watching something like this or chatting at the other website while at work in highly NOT recommended if you know what I mean men! So here are two great spots I found now can you tell me 2 great nsfw spots you like on the internet?

Porn sniffer on USB stick endless possibilities!

Well it seems someone decided to make a porn sniffer on a USB stick to help you or lets say parents, employers, etc etc to quickly find porn on any computer! This is something I think will be hot for about a month as I can see something like this as an app or download. The fact it is on a USB stick is what caught my attention as this is something small and could be used as a device to blackmail people who have racy or risky photos on there computers.

It is rumored to cost about 100 dollars and will run on any windows PC and can scan 50,000 images in about an hour. This is a great idea and am glad it was invented but can not wait till there is an mobile app or desktop download for that!.

Check out the entire article over at XBIZ
Porn Snooping USB Stick Getting Mainstream Buzz

The .xxx is coming soon!

I know it has been said in the past that a .xxx domain extensions would come but this time it is the for real deal and so you may want to head on over and get you some great .xxx domains reserved. As these will be a once and a lifetime domain name extension. I can not imagine another adults only domain name extension ever being offered to the general public.

If your in the adult entertainment industry and have not at least reserved your .com in the.xxx then now would be the time to do so. As when these .xxx hit the first Sunrise sale they are going to go like hotcakes. I for one have reserved over 10 domains that I plan on building web sites for over the next year and I thought if your not going to get a .xxx domain than tell me what you think would be a great .xxx domain name in that extension! Otherwise get yours the day they come out!